RFDS Altitude Ball 2018

I had the privilege of being invited to the Royal Flying Doctors Service Altitude Ball on the weekend.

I have been to Altitude Ball before, many years ago and in my opinion it is one of simply the best and most important causes of the year, with the event itself literally responsible for saving lives! The work of the Royal Flying Doctors Service is remarkable and I feel so very honoured to have been part of the night.

Here, Timothy and I arrive in Jandakot, outside the Airport Hangar before walking the red carpet.

Two men at the door said: “Sir, Madam, please watch your head under the cloud cover.” Haha

We arrived inside two hangars, one decked out as the arrival hall complete with magical lights, the other yet to be revealed. There was a bar and the most beautiful old fashioned propeller plane called a ‘Fox Moth Aircraft’ positioned near the media wall to pose beside. Everyone was dressed so beautifully and we knew we were in for a spectacular evening.

We were treated to a little jazz by the likes of Ali Bodycoat (pictured) and Libby Hammer who entertained us while we sipped Champagne before guests were given access to their tables inside the mysterious hangar #2. Our palates were cleansed and our canape’ appetites quenched ahead of the formal proceedings. As?we saw the curtain come down, it was time to head to our tables. What was revealed in its place was this lit up tunnel that looked as though it would teleport us to another space-time continuum on the other side.

What was revealed was the most magical converted space containing some of most sophisticated audio visual production values I have ever seen in the flesh. The vibe was futuristic but magical, there really was an etherial feeling to the atmosphere. It was pure artistry.

The most incredible scene to behold. Everyone did such an incredible job of pulling this off! Grant from Muse Bureau is a magician, LUX events and RFDS should be so incredibly proud. A truly exceptional production, it looked just divine.

Table number 1 hashtag no big deal..

The atmosphere was superb and everyone felt so blessed to be in the room.

DJ Sian on the decks wearing Empire Rose’ new collection.

The proceedings kicked off with the most incredible production of a Welcome to Country I have ever seen. What a show, what a welcome! Curated by Phillip Walley Stack, these dancers came to make an impression and boy did they share their message beautifully. Such talent and inspiration and the performers definitely set the bar high for what was in store for the night ahead.

The Perth Symphony Orchestra perform a Bowie tribute with Justin Burford (End of Fashion) and Katy Steele (Little Birdie).

Katy and Justin were also dressed by Empire Rose and gave an awesome performance.

The entertainment was truly a hit and so much better and more creative than the usual performances we see at events of this calibre, no pop hit radio stars in sight. A refreshingly cool concept and line-up for the night, including Sneaky Sound System who took centre stage following this triumph before our very eyes.

And the food, oh yes! This may seem like a strange order of things to plonk this image of a scallop dish right here, however I would like to point out that amongst all of these delicious sensory experiences, we were also being fed delicious meals. There was also an auction to raise funds for this very important cause and the auctioneer did a great job, very funny too! Later in the evening, a 260 degree video showcasing the new RFDS aircraft took the audiences breath away with an audio visual experience that enveloped the room and brought a tear to my eye.

Sneaky Sound System.

Empire Rose designer Kathryn Cizeika, who seemed to dress everyone on stage on the night, showing me her self-made shoes.

Kath WUZ here #off-white #sohotrightnow

Ha! Sorry, that sounded super immature but this is exactly what went through my phone when I took this photo.

A tree under the stars, pure magic all around us.

Time to go home, we took a bus to the QT after party from Jandakot. What a night!

Congratulations to all involved and thank you very much for having us, it was truly the best night I have had in as long as I can remember.

‘Til next time,

xxx SV xxx


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